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Matrix our proprietary Enterprise Logistics Platform based on service-oriented architecture provides independency from any vendor, products and technologies. This means you are not bound to use specific fuel card provider or GPS tracking solutions or your accounting software. We can integrate almost every vendor solutions with our platform to give most valuable control on your logistics operation.

• Broker Management
• Freight Order(FTL, LTL, Ocean)
• Human Resource & Driver Qualification Files
• Trip & Dispatch Management
• Driver & Dispatchers Payroll
• Fuel Management
• Workshop Management
• Tires Management
• Tolls Management
• Driver Recruitment • Freight Invoice & Factoring
• Invoice Collection
• Insurance (Contracts, Billing & Claims)

This platform is designed as simulations of real-time operation. Business flow is designed as a sequence of events as they occur. All information captures based on events which flow through out every part of your business. No data is requires to enter twice.

Key Features
• Dashboard displays KPI and alerts for immediate actions
• Generates trips automatically from Order
• Dispatch messaging to Driver cell phones
• Integrated with GPS which calculates actual miles driven by vehicle
• Particle miles from Google maps to provide visibility for each unauthorized movement
• Automated import of fuel purchases from major fuel card vendors
• Land and Terrain controls to compare fuel consumptions with actual fuel consumptions
• ECM integration to monitor engine performance and fault codes
• Seamless integrations with accounting software
• Manage parts inventory with parts tracking with vehicle
• Over The Road tires management with detail history of each tire