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Universal Information System (UIS) is a subsidiary of a NavEx Inc. a Texas, based Logistics and SupplyChain company. NavEx established an IT division in 2008 to support in-house IT and Logistics operation. Later we expand the scope of IT division to research and development in the area of Logistics IT and formed and independent IT company specializing in Logistics industry IT solutions.

Our state of art Research & Development center in Karachi also offer call center services for Tucking throughout of North America. Ten hours of time difference in Karachi gives us flexibility to offer best after hours support experience to our customers with professionally trained staff. UIS expanded its scope to other aspects of Logistics and Supply chain industry which include

• Accounting Solutions
• Invoice & Billing
• Invoice Factoring
• Collections
• Fleet Management
• Insurance and Claims
• Tracking
• Digital Marketing & Social Media
• Brokers & Carrier Rating
• Customer Managemet

Software Companies are not same as Supply chain logistics software companies. You need a company that understands good, efficient software design coupled with one that understands the Logistics , Long Haul Trucking and Over the Road challenges, and a company that values your needs and budget. For your transportation software needs, Contact UIS, a renowned Logistics Enterprise Platform to built specifically for transportation management needs.